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Alert For Serious Injustices in Trial of Guapinol River Defenders

Alert at the end of the first day of trial

The Municipal Committee of Tocoa, in the "Justice & Freedom for the Eight Guapinol and San Pedro River Defenders" Camp in front of the court of Tocoa for the duration of the oral and public trial, expresses concern about the action of the Public Ministry by presenting an additional alleged crime against the defenders in the final stage of the judicial process and at the same time we regret the decision of the court to admit the other alleged crime, which is demonstrating to the families and communities, their contempt for justice and the law.

We thank the organizations, social movements, women, churches and the U.S. delegation of MILPA that is present in this trial. We ask of the immense solidarity, their accompaniment and denunciation of the grave injustices we are facing.

Tocoa, December 9, 2021

Municipal Committee for the Defense of Common and Public Goods.

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