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Day of online action for the freedom of the Guapinol and Sector San Pedro Water Defenders. Share the suggested messages or make your own and download the images for your social networks.

Guapinol and Sector San Pedros defenders are innocent - demand #FreedomForGuapinol.

Two years have passed since José Daniel Márquez Márquez, Kelvin Alejandro Romero Martínez, José Abelino Cedillo, Porfirio Sorto Cedillo, Orbín Nahúm Hernández, Arnold Javier Alemán, Ewer Alexander Cedillo Cruz and Jeremías Martínez Díaz - the water defenders of Guapinol and Sector San Pedro - voluntarily came forward to clarify the false accusations presented by the Los Pinares mining company and the Tocoa Prosecutor's Office.

The Court must decide today whether to release the defenders or prolong their arbitrary detention.

We demand their freedom now!

Send a message on networks:

@PJdeHonduras must comply with UN resolution & immediately end arbitrary detention of Guapinol Defenders - not prolong it as requested by @MP_Honduras. #FreedomForGuapinol.

After 2 years of illegal detention, we demand @PJdeHonduras immediate release Guapinol Defenders. Their detention for protecting water & land - at the request of @MP_Honduras & @LosPinaresHN - is arbitrary & unjust. They are innocent! #FreedomForGuapinol.

Send a letter to Honduran authorities through this Urgent Action issued by Amnesty International:

Share images on your social networks and don't forget to use:

#FreedomForGuapinol #LibertadParaGuapinol

#GuapinolInnocent #GuapinolInocente

#GuapinolResists #GuapinolResiste

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